Country garden wedding

Photography by Ana Lui

Stephanie & James – Can Tiruit Veil – 28.09.13

Dear Cardamom Collective,

It truly was an incredible experience and we can’t thank you enough for all your hard work.There are many specific things I can highlight:

  • – The quality of the food. It was exactly what we hoped for, light, elegant and in plentiful supply throughout the event.
  • – The equipment. The DJ was asking us about what we were using, he was overjoyed with what you supplied. He described as “the best in the business”. The laser guy was brilliant too, people keep remarking about the strange, changing faces in the tree. The tents were beautiful.
  • – The decor of the beach was very romantic, and sympathetic. It definitely helped add to the atmosphere, which rapidly descended in into ‘not a dry eye in the house’.
  • – The 4×4 transport for the guests, they loved the sense of adventure of it.
  • – The staff, were friendly and professional throughout, all the way to the end, by which point guests were rolling about in the gardens.

In the thank you’s we’re receiving guests tend to keep coming back to 2 themes, how incredible the day was, but also how smoothly it ran. No hiccups at all, and that’s with 4 distinct wedding zones to navigate.

In summary. You always said yes to us; this is vital in any relationship based business. You were flexible, for example setting up the speeches out of a window – Romeo and Juliet style. You never outwardly panicked despite some very serious problem put in your way. On the day, again all was calm, you found time to help us out in our preparations whilst the bigger picture was being constructed all around. You delivered on everything you said you would.

We would recommend you to anybody looking for a wedding planner (or anything else) in Ibiza.