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A Dream Midsummer Ibiza Wedding

In August 2018, Atzaro Hotel in Ibiza played host to this dream wedding. For the full gallery you can click HERE.

Miranda & Simon 28.9.18
Venue: Atzaro Agroturismo Hotel
Wedding Planners: Cardamom Events Ibiza
Flowers: Ramo De Flores
Beauty: Marie Duchar Clarke
Photographers: Ana Lui Studio
Videographers: Buena Vista Studios
DJ: Tom Grimes
Lighting: Ibiza Pro DJ
Decor: Cardamom Equipment Hire Ibiza
Wedding Cake: Samovar

Los Fermentistas – committed to making live cultured fermented food and drinks!

Los Fermentistas – committed to making live cultured fermented food and drinks!

Los Fermentistas are Cardamom’s new neighbours! Recently homed in our office’s kitchens, Los Fermentistas are a husband and wife partnership who were looking to regain control of their health and happiness.

Jakob and Rebeca Hronek began their fermentation journey in 2012 after noticing their physical reaction to ‘live’ sauerkraut. They have since been committed to the revival of this old technique, how it can be utilised in the modern world, ways to make it more accessible, if not trendy in an age where there has been a huge reliance on antibiotics, and where bacteria are demonised rather than understood and honored for their roles.

Bex – The first time I tried a live fermented product was Sauerkraut, on a camping trip with friends in Germany, I felt an instant bodily reaction, like this was something my body had been waiting for, it was amazing!

Curiosity piqued, I dove in and got my first ever scoby for Kombucha and began to make a very basic version of Kimchi.

I hadn’t realised just how much impact ferments would have on my health, my digestive system began to function properly and the acne I had become accustomed to cleared up.

Jakob being an avid chef and a scientist by nature took things to the next level and the experiments diversified, we began to make more varieties of kimchi, and sauerkraut and Jun were added to the repertoire.

Through much trial and error, orange walls and purple splashed ceilings we began to perfect our recipes. Jars of pickles filled the shelves, pots of Sauerkraut and Kimchi bubbled, and bottles of Kombucha and Jun fizzed.

What is it we do exactly?

We are micro microbe farmers and avid fermentation revivalists.

We make a range of products, in the Cardamom kitchens, which we sell every Saturday at Ibiza’s only local farmers markets, offering free degustations and information about the benefits of fermented products, the chance to try before you buy!

On our standard menu you’ll find:

– Classic Sauerkraut, our very own Superkraut ( made with Hijiki and Wakame seaweed, turmeric and kale, pretty super huh?!)

– A range of Kimchi’s; Classic, Butternut squash, daikon and vegan.

– Our drinks are Kombucha (black tea with rose) and Jun (gunpowder jasmine green tea fermented with honey).

The foods are probiotic and the drinks prebiotic, all teeming with beneficial bacterias to help balance your gut. This is our standard, but we often have visiting jars from our experimental kitchen.

We love doing pop up dinners ‘Love Your Guts’ often in collaboration with chefs whose food we love, where ferments and their culinary uses are shown in all their glory,

We offer a ’Fermentale’ bar, where ferments and live vinegar shrubs are combined to make delicious virgin and non-virgin cocktails.

Where can you find us?

Our products can currently be found in Savia in Ibiza Town and Polen in Santa Eularia, and other shops throughout the island.

Every Saturday with good weather you’ll find us just opposite Can Tixedo Art cafe at the Mercat de Forada, it’s the best place to get your seasonal, affordable organic veggies!

We work frequently in collaboration with other chefs like James Canvin Knight (gastro pub chef) and Boris Buono, and are happy to receive frequent invites to educate about fermentation and present our products.

We have a few other interesting projects and events in the pipeline, for those you’ll need to tune into our Facebook page for updates.


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Here at Cardamom Events Ibiza, We would like to wish all our clients and partners, past and present, a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year!

Besides the successful weddings and private events during the season and the soft opening of our new Decor & Equipment rental business (Cardamom Event Hire Ibiza), 2017 was topped off with the proverbial cherry with the corporate group’s annual event, with over 200 international guests over 2 days for sporting events and their grand finale party which was quoted as the “best event they had ever had” – a proud and satisfying way to finish 2017!

With regards to our wedding events for 2018, the clients are from such varied countries and cultures, and their visions and decor tastes equally varied, that we believe the 2018 wedding ‘looks’ will be exciting and fresh. We also look forward to strengthening our position in the private and corporate events in Ibiza and can’t wait to hear the fabulous ideas the clients will ask for this coming year.

Finally, after 9 months of work with InMedia Design, we are proud to properly launch the latest website of our new offering for 2018. Namely, Cardamom Event Hire Ibiza which we will constantly be building upon to offer more for Ibiza’s events clients in the future…

Photo credits: Nigel Edgecombe Photography and Orphée Creative Photography


Who Says Corporate Can’t Be Luxe?

Who Says Corporate Can’t Be Luxe?

Earlier on in the 2017 season, Cardamom Events were asked to organise a corporate incentive trip for a group of 90 investment bankers. Of course, we grabbed this opportunity gladly, as there is nothing we enjoy more than showing off what the magical White Isle has to offer.

There is so much to see and do, so it would be easy to attempt to cram as much as possible into our guests’ event, giving them a plethora of activities and options.

However, as experience has often shown, less is more, and in our usual serenely unique style, we gave them a full day on the Mediterranean Sea on a luxury boat party with water sports and on-board catering, followed by a fabulous 3-course dinner of sharing plates  accompanied by champagne and cocktails, and a disco at the stunning Lamuella in their open air dining and dancing area.

All planning, organisation, transportation, logistics and entertainment were taken care of by Cardamom Events.

Photography by Orphée Creative Photography

Boat 5 Star Catamaran

Boat DJ – Juan Corbi

Party DJs – Tom Grimes & George Blackbeard

Venue & Food, Champagne & Cocktails – Lamuella


Getting married in Ibiza? Here’s what to think about first…




Getting married in Ibiza? Here’s what to think about first…

What are the main things your need to think about when you decide to get married in Ibiza?

1. Do you want exclusivity of a venue?

If you decide you want exclusive access to a venue this will firstly affect which venue options you have and secondly affect your budget. Many venues charge exclusivity fees or require a minimum number of guests to allow exclusivity.

2. Do you want to party late?

Most venues have a music cut off time of 12:00hrs for outside noise and many people having a wedding are not ready to finish the celebrations at midnight. Have a finish time in mind when you start your search as this will include/exclude many venues from the offset.

3. How many guests are you thinking of having?

25, 100 or 300 – this number as an approximation will enable you to find a venue to fit all your guests and at the same time ensure it’s not too big for your event size.

All of these will affect the type of venue which is suitable for you & your wedding. Get in touch with us today with your answers to the above and we will have the perfect suggestions of venues ready & waiting for you!

Tres razones por las que es necesario contactar
con una agencia de eventos en Ibiza.

¿Así que quieres realizar un evento en

Tal vez sea tu cumpleaños, tal vez
estés tratando de fomentar la participación de tus empleados a través de un
emocionante viaje de incentivo o simplemente para ¨networking¨, quizás te vas a
casar, o sólo quieres una fiesta… Cualquiera que sea la razón, tener un agente
de eventos en la isla es esencial para asegurarte que todo fluirá fácilmente, un
proceso sin sufrimientos, donde todo lo que vas a hacer es llegar y disfrutar!

1.   ¡Conocemos nuestra isla! Dominamos este lugar como
la palma de nuestras manos. Sea lo que sea que estés buscando hacer, podemos
ayudarte y asesorarte, sugerir y por supuesto enseñarte todo. Además, conocemos
las posibilidades y restricciones de la isla – lo que te hará ahorrar tiempo teniendo
únicamente que  decirnos las ideas que
tengas en mente-. Entendemos las reglas y regulaciones, tenemos un servicio de
chef y estamos al día con todas las licencias para servirte con nuestro
catering – operamos profesionalmente. ¿Lo mejor de todo eso? Tenemos
informaciones que son joyas ocultas y probablemente no las conocerás si no
vienes a nosotros.

2.   Quién es quién… Nuestra lista de contactos está
hasta arriba, ya sea para entretenimiento, música, sonido, iluminación, puesta
en escena, flores, decoración o diseño creativo – podemos hacer que tus sueños
más salvajes se tornen realidad. La isla está llena de gente increíble y ¡los
tenemos a todos en marcación rápida!

3.   Tu bolsillo! Sabemos que el presupuesto es
importante para nuestros clientes. Nuestra experiencia, contactos,
conocimientos y habilidades como equipo a menudo significan que podemos llegar
a los mejores acuerdos, que no se obtendrían si no nos tuvieras trabajando para

Hay una gran cantidad de agencias de
eventos en Ibiza, ¿por qué elegir  Cardamom?

Llevamos trece años haciendo negocios
en la isla (pregúnteselo a Craig o a Navine sobre el antiguo Cardamom Club y
oirás sus historias de cómo ha evolucionado la empresa a través de los años en Ibiza),
cuatro empleados permanentes, otros siete empleados de temporada y hasta 40
personas trabajando como ¨freelance¨ en nuestros días de eventos – hablando
hasta 12 idiomas diferentes.

Somos una familia multinacional de compañeros
de trabajo, un equipo apasionado por lo que hace y que se entusiasma más por tu
evento que tu mismo. Somos determinados y comprometidos, y de lejos la opción
más profesional y fiable que podrás encontrar en Ibiza para planear y gestionar
tus eventos en la isla blanca.

Llámanos o pásate por nuestras

+34 971 330 017


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12th May 2015

Cardamom 2015 team awaits you! 

Check out this years team. We have changed the company structure a little over winter to ensure we have the best possible management, processes, efficiencies and skills and people in place to deliver incredible world class event planning, catering, bar and decoration services across all our different events.

From left to right: Mathias (chef), Juan Pi (chef), Hélène (Events Assistant to Craig), Manu (Logistics & Warehouse Assistant), Navine (Owner), Craig (CEO & Founder), Chari (Logistics & Warehouse Manager), Laís (events Assistant to JoJo), Fernando (Event Floor Manager & Matre Di) & JoJo (Director).

A huge thanks to Heike Moellers for the images 🙂

El equipo
2015 de Cardamom te está esperando!

Echa un
vistazo al equipo de este año. Hemos cambiado un poco la estructura de la
compañía durante el invierno para asegurar una mejor gestión, procedimientos,
eficiencia y habilidades. La gente del lugar para entregar increíbles eventos
de clase mundial, planificación, catering, bar y servicios de decoración en
cada uno de nuestros diferentes eventos.

izquierda a derecha: Mathias (chef), Juan Pi
(chef), Hélène (Assistente de Eventos de Craig), Manu (Assistente de Logisticas
& Almacén), Navine (Propietaria), Craig (CEO & Fundador), Chari
(Gerente de Logisticas & Almacén), Laís (Assistente de Eventos de JoJo),
Fernando (Jefe de Sala & Matre Di) & JoJo (Directora).

Un enorme
agradecimiento a Heike Moellers por las imágenes 🙂

Important Covid 19 Updateread more dismiss

Covid 19 has caused the postponement of many events, which is an event of Force Majeure. This is very frustrating for all but we will work with all of our clients to rearrange events. We will honour our contracts for all events and will apply any deposits paid against a rearranged date. Should clients cancel their events then unfortunately deposits will be forfeit in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.