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Cardamom Events Feature – Cake Project Ibiza & Barcelona – Lauren de Vries


Cardamom Events Feature

Cake Project Ibiza & Barcelona- Lauren De Vries

Cardamom Events would like to introduce Lauren, a 25 year old pastry chef from Amsterdam.

After graduating from her bachelor in Marketing and Communication, she moved to London to do a patisserie course at Le Cordon Bleu.

Back in Amsterdam she started her first company: Life of Pie Amsterdam.

In a small conservatory on the canals the company and her love for baking grew. Developing her baking, assembling and decorating skills, more orders started to roll in.

Up to a point that Lauren could no longer handle it on her own. Together with a great team they worked around the clock to turn each and every cake into a masterpiece.

Now, three years later Lauren has started a new adventure. Flying back and forth between Barcelona (where she currently lives) and Ibiza (her favourite place on earth), she bake cakes for several events.

Not only does she do birthdays, she can make you a wicked wedding cake, babyshower cake or any other event you might possibly need a cake for (or any other sweet for that matter)!

Pick your flavour, pick your style and Lauren will do her absolute best to turn your wishes into a piece of edible art.

Let us know if you would like Lauren to style your special cake…


Cardamom Events Entertainment Feature: Urban Soul Orchestra (UK)


Cardamom Events Entertainment Feature: Urban Soul Orchestra (UK)

Here at Cardamom Events Ibiza, we are big fans of the Urban Soul Orchestra (USO) – a contemporary and versatile string ensemble with a unique twist, incorporating percussion, bass, DJ & vocals. By enriching a classic string set-up with soulful arrangements and funky rhythms, they create a fresh modern sound. USO’s elegant musicians are comprised of celebrated professional musicians, vocalists and DJs of international acclaim.

USO provide various styles of entertainment offering the complete soundtrack to any corporate or private event, from chilled background music during drinks or dinner, to a roof-raising full band to stir up the dance floor. The band can be adapted for all parts of the show in just one booking.

USO has worked for 25 years at the top of the UK music industry, collaborating with an impressive range of artists including Groove Armada, Mick Jagger, Annie Lennox, Take That, Keane, The Script, Grace Jones, Octave One, Ella Erye, and Jess Glynn. Working at this level, USO brings an added height of professionalism, musicianship and style. We recommend USO if you have a desire for something truly unique.

Every summer USO perform a series of Classic Ibiza concerts across the UK in association with Ministry Of Sound. The orchestra plays a collection of classic Ibiza anthems arranged for a 32 piece Orchestra with live DJ and internationally renowned vocalists at some of the most beautiful stately homes in the UK. Last year USO released their debut Classic Ibiza album. To stream or download the Album click here.


USO’s ensembles include the Chill Out Set, DJ Live, DJ Sets, Electric String Quartet, Acoustic Ensemble, Jazz Band, String Quartet, Little Big Band, Little Swing Band, Show Band, Swing Band, Twin Violins. Several or all can be combined to provide bespoke entertainment tailored to specific events. They can tailor all their sets to a line up that perfectly compliment the clients needs based on venue, budget and preference.


Cardamom Events Feature – Anna Wild, Hair & Beauty Artist & Jeremy Christopher, Photographer


Cardamom Events Feature

Anna Wild, Hair & Beauty Artist & Jeremy Christopher, Photographer
















The partnership of Anna Wild and Jeremy Christopher joined together through their mutual love of their creative worlds.

Anna originally hails from England’s north west and Jeremy from the rolling hills of Dorset, and their history with Ibiza spans over two decades.

They fell in love with the island in their teens and have been coming back ever since. They now base their life/work hubs between Ibiza and London’s East end.

Most of the year, the couple live in a gorgeous little finca in one of their favourite spots, in the countryside towards the north of the island and sometimes they live in London. They love to blend the hustle and bustle of the most creative city in the world with the serenity and magic of Ibiza.

When they’re not shooting and beautifying, Anna and Jeremy practise yoga, box and love to hike, exploring secret spots on the island – some of the most beautiful locations where they get a lot of our inspiration for shoots.

It was their love for fashion and beauty that influenced their desire to work with photography, hair and makeup. Many years of experience in those fields means they’re always up to date with current as well as classic trends, which most certainly influence their unique approach in the wedding and events industry, where they love to fuse these worlds together.

With over 10 years experience in their respective industries in London and beyond, the pair have worked with some of the world’s most highly respected brands, such as Qatar Airways, BBC, MAC Cosmetics, London Fashion Week, Sony.

Let us know if you wish to procure their services for your special event.


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Here at Cardamom Events Ibiza, We would like to wish all our clients and partners, past and present, a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year!

Besides the successful weddings and private events during the season and the soft opening of our new Decor & Equipment rental business (Cardamom Event Hire Ibiza), 2017 was topped off with the proverbial cherry with the corporate group’s annual event, with over 200 international guests over 2 days for sporting events and their grand finale party which was quoted as the “best event they had ever had” – a proud and satisfying way to finish 2017!

With regards to our wedding events for 2018, the clients are from such varied countries and cultures, and their visions and decor tastes equally varied, that we believe the 2018 wedding ‘looks’ will be exciting and fresh. We also look forward to strengthening our position in the private and corporate events in Ibiza and can’t wait to hear the fabulous ideas the clients will ask for this coming year.

Finally, after 9 months of work with InMedia Design, we are proud to properly launch the latest website of our new offering for 2018. Namely, Cardamom Event Hire Ibiza which we will constantly be building upon to offer more for Ibiza’s events clients in the future…

Photo credits: Nigel Edgecombe Photography and Orphée Creative Photography


World class services from our beautiful little island

World class services from our beautiful little island

Running an events, catering & hire agency successfully in Ibiza requires a strong mixture of very different components. To satisfy an international clientele, we have to think fast, be creative and respond in a variety of languages across a globe of timezones.
As we are based on an island with a high turnover of seasonal workers, suppliers and business contacts, we continually communicate across several languages and manage different countries business legalities. To tackle this, we have spent the winter meticulously planning as much of our events as possible, as well as putting new policies and process in place to ensure a smooth running summer across every element of the business – from the health and safety of our catering business, to the company structure and management, to ensuring our clients are well communicated with and have an amazing event schedule lined up for them. Now in our fifth year of business as an events agency (previously solely catering/a restauranteur) we have an international team who speak over 10 languages and have worked in over 20 countries across the globe delivering food and events services. Our mix of working cultures as a team mean we understand how our range of clients behave and what they demand, which alongside our experience working on the island, our reputation here and our proactive working approach, is the perfect balance to being able to work successfully. We know we have to expect the unexpected on an island where things ever change, are inaccessible and which is forever surprising us. Absolute craziness at times, yes. Would we change it for the world – absolutely not! Bring on the summer!

Contact us now to deliver your event:


Servicios de lujo desde nuestra hermosa pequeña isla.

En Ibiza, planear, organizar y ejecutar eventos, catering y agencias con éxito, requiere una compleja mezcla de componentes. Para satisfacer una clientela internacional, es importante apresurar el pensamiento, ser creativo, responder en diversos idiomas y adaptarse a un mundo de husos horarios.
Por estar afincada en una isla con alta rotación de trabajadores, y con proveedores y negocios estacionales, estamos continuamente comunicando en variadas lenguas y gestionando diferentes legalidades empresarias de diversos países.
Para hacer frente a eso, hemos pasado el invierno planeando meticulosamente nuestros eventos, así como implementando nuevas políticas y  procedimientos para garantizar el buen funcionamiento durante el verano de cada elemento del negocio – desde la sanidad de nuestro catering hasta la estructura y gestión de la empresa, todo para asegurar la buena comunicación con nuestros clientes y garantizarles un evento increíblemente bien programado.
Ahora, en nuestro quinto año de actividad como agencia de eventos (anteriormente solamente catering y restauración) tenemos un equipo multinacional capaz de comunicarse en 10 idiomas diferentes y que ha trabajado en más de 20 países por todo el mundo, entregando alimentos y servicios de eventos. Nuestra mezcla de culturas como equipo y la experiencia de haber trabajado en diferentes países hace que entendamos el comportamiento y las necesidades de nuestra amplia gama de clientes, sumado al conocimiento adquirido trabajando en la isla, nuestra reputación aquí y nuestro enfoque de trabajo proactivo, forma el equilibrio perfecto para el éxito de nuestra labor.
Sabemos que tenemos que esperar lo inesperado, al final Ibiza es una isla que está en constante cambio, las cosas son inaccesibles y siempre nos sorprende.
Una absoluta locura, a veces, sí. Lo cambiaríamos por un mundo –  ¡absolutamente no! ¡Que venga el verano!

Contactemos ahora mismo para realizar su evento:

Important Covid 19 Updateread more dismiss

Covid 19 has caused the postponement of many events, which is an event of Force Majeure. This is very frustrating for all but we will work with all of our clients to rearrange events. We will honour our contracts for all events and will apply any deposits paid against a rearranged date. Should clients cancel their events then unfortunately deposits will be forfeit in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.