Make your own version of our famous Cardamom Cava Sangria

So it’s a UK bank holiday today, and that means one thing – Family & friends having BBQ’s (no matter the weather)! In honour of it being the peak of summer – we thought we’d share a special secret with you today!

Cardamom have created a few food and drink items over the years which guests always ask us how to make at home. One of these is the enjoyment of our Cardamom Cava Sangria recipe. Ideal for a hot afternoon – refreshing, fruity, ice cold and with the perfect amount of alcohol to relax you into any event, this drink choice is very popular in Ibiza, especially as an event welcome drink. To try our recipe at home, simply follow the following steps:

Prep time: Part day before (15 mins max), 30 mins on the day

Glass jug x2 (or x1 item similar to hold fruit in fridge overnight)
Chopping board
Fridge space
Wine glasses for serving

1 apple
1 pear
1 peach
A handful of strawberries
Sugar syrup
Ice (lots!)
30cl Vodka
20cl Dark Rum
25cl Cointreau
Cold fresh orange juice (no bits!)
A cold bottle of Cava (or two!)

How to:

1. Cut up the apple, pear, peach, strawberries, place into jug (or similar) & cover in sugar syrup. Leave overnight to soak in the fridge.

2. Use fresh jug and fill ½ way with ice.

3. Add vodka, rum, cointreau, fruit.

4. Add orange juice until jug ½ full.

5. Add cold cava until full & stir.

6. Refrigerate for 15 minutes before serving. Enjoy!

Now – we tend to make our cava in mass production, meaning the recipe quantities are just a guide. If you feel you want more alcohol, more fruit or to add your own twist – play around with it until it is your very own recipe! Plus one extra top tip for even more enjoyment; put your glasses in the freezer 1 hour before serving, then remove and pour into chilled, frosted glasses!

Contact us today to order our very own cava sangria at your Ibiza event [email protected]. Special thanks to Fernando our Matre Di, for sharing this top secret recipe! 😉

Image by Gypsy Westwood photography.