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ROCKID Cliff Jumping – Discover a wilder side to Ibiza!


Cardamom Events are looking forward to working more closely with ROCKID Ibiza in 2018.

Discover the wild side of Ibiza with one of the most exciting and fun excursions. Driving through the old ‘caminos’ (roads) of Ibiza, exploring areas of great natural beauty and sea views, to walk down the cliffs and mountains to reach sea level.


There, in a challenging but safe environment, ROCKID urge each of you to ‘face your fears’, as they offer the increasingly popular activity in Ibiza, cliff jumping. You will enjoy the fun and exhilaration of jumping into the water from the rocks, with experienced instructors to ensure your safety. 


Cliff jumping can be also combined or replaced by snorkeling in the crystal clear waters of the secluded places you can visit. Afterwards, far away from the crowded beaches, you can share a delicious organic picnic on the rocks with some refreshing ice cold drinks.


We can offer all of the services of ROCKID to our more adventurous clients! Not only cliff jumping, but treasure hunts, kayaking, quads and so much more! Perfect for corporate events and group activities!

Revisit your inner child and discover a completely different side to the island.


Los Fermentistas – committed to making live cultured fermented food and drinks!

Los Fermentistas – committed to making live cultured fermented food and drinks!

Los Fermentistas are Cardamom’s new neighbours! Recently homed in our office’s kitchens, Los Fermentistas are a husband and wife partnership who were looking to regain control of their health and happiness.

Jakob and Rebeca Hronek began their fermentation journey in 2012 after noticing their physical reaction to ‘live’ sauerkraut. They have since been committed to the revival of this old technique, how it can be utilised in the modern world, ways to make it more accessible, if not trendy in an age where there has been a huge reliance on antibiotics, and where bacteria are demonised rather than understood and honored for their roles.

Bex – The first time I tried a live fermented product was Sauerkraut, on a camping trip with friends in Germany, I felt an instant bodily reaction, like this was something my body had been waiting for, it was amazing!

Curiosity piqued, I dove in and got my first ever scoby for Kombucha and began to make a very basic version of Kimchi.

I hadn’t realised just how much impact ferments would have on my health, my digestive system began to function properly and the acne I had become accustomed to cleared up.

Jakob being an avid chef and a scientist by nature took things to the next level and the experiments diversified, we began to make more varieties of kimchi, and sauerkraut and Jun were added to the repertoire.

Through much trial and error, orange walls and purple splashed ceilings we began to perfect our recipes. Jars of pickles filled the shelves, pots of Sauerkraut and Kimchi bubbled, and bottles of Kombucha and Jun fizzed.

What is it we do exactly?

We are micro microbe farmers and avid fermentation revivalists.

We make a range of products, in the Cardamom kitchens, which we sell every Saturday at Ibiza’s only local farmers markets, offering free degustations and information about the benefits of fermented products, the chance to try before you buy!

On our standard menu you’ll find:

– Classic Sauerkraut, our very own Superkraut ( made with Hijiki and Wakame seaweed, turmeric and kale, pretty super huh?!)

– A range of Kimchi’s; Classic, Butternut squash, daikon and vegan.

– Our drinks are Kombucha (black tea with rose) and Jun (gunpowder jasmine green tea fermented with honey).

The foods are probiotic and the drinks prebiotic, all teeming with beneficial bacterias to help balance your gut. This is our standard, but we often have visiting jars from our experimental kitchen.

We love doing pop up dinners ‘Love Your Guts’ often in collaboration with chefs whose food we love, where ferments and their culinary uses are shown in all their glory,

We offer a ’Fermentale’ bar, where ferments and live vinegar shrubs are combined to make delicious virgin and non-virgin cocktails.

Where can you find us?

Our products can currently be found in Savia in Ibiza Town and Polen in Santa Eularia, and other shops throughout the island.

Every Saturday with good weather you’ll find us just opposite Can Tixedo Art cafe at the Mercat de Forada, it’s the best place to get your seasonal, affordable organic veggies!

We work frequently in collaboration with other chefs like James Canvin Knight (gastro pub chef) and Boris Buono, and are happy to receive frequent invites to educate about fermentation and present our products.

We have a few other interesting projects and events in the pipeline, for those you’ll need to tune into our Facebook page for updates.


Las Cicadas Luxury Villa

Las Cicadas Luxury Villa

Las Cicadas has captured the hearts of all of us here in the Cardamom Events Team.

luxury villa

A stunning 6 bedroom converted finca, it effortlessly combines chic boho style with a true feeling of island life.

The 600 year-old Finca is set in a large olive plantation and surrounded by green mountains. It enjoys a perfect location a short walk from the village of Santa Gertrudis, in the heart of the island and just minutes drive from anywhere. A large swimming pool and mature gardens make this an ideal venue. Where better to host your private event?

Contact us directly right here if you want to know more…





Here at Cardamom Events Ibiza, We would like to wish all our clients and partners, past and present, a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year!

Besides the successful weddings and private events during the season and the soft opening of our new Decor & Equipment rental business (Cardamom Event Hire Ibiza), 2017 was topped off with the proverbial cherry with the corporate group’s annual event, with over 200 international guests over 2 days for sporting events and their grand finale party which was quoted as the “best event they had ever had” – a proud and satisfying way to finish 2017!

With regards to our wedding events for 2018, the clients are from such varied countries and cultures, and their visions and decor tastes equally varied, that we believe the 2018 wedding ‘looks’ will be exciting and fresh. We also look forward to strengthening our position in the private and corporate events in Ibiza and can’t wait to hear the fabulous ideas the clients will ask for this coming year.

Finally, after 9 months of work with InMedia Design, we are proud to properly launch the latest website of our new offering for 2018. Namely, Cardamom Event Hire Ibiza which we will constantly be building upon to offer more for Ibiza’s events clients in the future…

Photo credits: Nigel Edgecombe Photography and Orphée Creative Photography


Cardamom EventA Night To Remember!

Cardamom EventA Night To Remember!


The summer of 2017 was a particularly fantastic one for Cardamom Events. And to cap it all off, on the 3rd and 4th of October, we threw a huge 2-day corporate event for the guys at

The brief behind the event was team-building, recognition of hard work and to combine this with a motivation and awards ceremony for the many sectors and countries that fall under the umbrella.

Following a day of games and team-building on the gorgeous beach at Cala Pada, we transported our guests to the moonlit open air of Nassau Tanit at the end of Playa d’en Bossa beach, where they were greeted by acrobats on stilts on the beach and extravagant circus performances.

The Dazzle Dolls were on hand to embellish the guests as a girl wearing a huge python moved through the crowds and a glamorous contortionist wowed the crowds in a huge martini glass on the white sand.

Drinks flowed aplenty as the guests feasted on mini quiches of goats cheese & semi-dried tomato, langoustine and sea bass green Thai curry with jasmine rice & nuts, Indian chicken with spiced yoghurt marinade and mini cheesecakes.

The lights then dimmed and the headliners for the evening took to the stage. Cue a show-stopping 90-minute performance from the spectacular Ibiza House Orchestra, who mesmerised the venue with their stunningly talented 14-piece band!

Performing Ibiza house classic after classic to an enchanted and up-for-it audience, the crowd were left spellbound and like putty in their hands. The flawlessly accomplished show was electrifying and left the enthusiastic crowd begging for more. Songs ranged from Basement Jaxx’s Good Luck to C& C Music Factory’s Gonna Make You Sweat, with Blaze and Barbara Tucker’s Precious Love as a hands-in-the-air encore!


Visit Site

The dancing continued late into the night with DJ Juan Corbi leading the charge, until the exhausted, yet happy party people retreated to their hotel just across the road.

A huge thanks must go to our team who worked tirelessly to create this magical 2 day event which ran seamlessly and gave the team the recognition for their hard work that they deserved…


Cardamom Events “A” Team

– Orphée Tehranchian – Orphée Creative Photography

– Antonio from Buena Vista Videography

– Maru & Team from Kristal Shows

Backroom Productions & The Shop Ibiza

Ibiza House Orchestra

Global Star Events Team

– Cintia & Team from Nassau Tanit

The Dazzle Dolls Party Embellishment

DJ Juan Corbi


Unbridled Talent In The Form of Keisher Downie

Unbridled Talent In The Form of Keisher Downie


Here at Cardamom Events, we strive to give you something at your event to make you remember it forever, and nothing has quite as much impact as a live singing performance.

May we introduce you to the brilliantly talented Keisher Downie, who cut her teeth touring around the world both as a solo artist and as backing vocalist for Soul II Soul.

Keisher now operates as Ibiza Wedding Singers and provides a stunning voice along with immaculate professionalism.

Check her out singing live here and tell us you don’t get goosebumps!

“Keisher we LOVE YOU! You made our wedding magical! Our connection with you was so intense…”

You can book Keisher and her band directly through us here at


Cinema Paradiso – An intimate outdoor film-viewing experience!

Cinema Paradiso – An intimate outdoor film-viewing experience!


Here at Cardamom Events, we like to offer exciting and cutting-edge entertainment and businesses to our clients, making events memorable and unique.

One of our latest partners is Cinema Paradiso, Ibiza´s original outdoor cinema.

They have been organising outdoor cinema on the island for the past 4 years and we particularly love the intimate cinema nights they are able to organise.

We all feel that these personal nights are the perfect compliment for wedding celebrations and private events.

We can organise outdoor cinema as a relaxing activity or even the evening after an event, with images that the guests have taken projected on the big screen. Seeing pictures or short videos before the start of the film, whether it be a romantic old classic or a blazing blockbuster, makes it even more special and is a great way to relive a wonderful event.

The exclusive outdoor cinema experience includes comfortable bean bags as the ultimate cinema seat, small side tables to place a glass of champagne, blankets, lots of candles to set the mood, and unlimited fresh popcorn.

There’s nothing quite like an intimate screening in the balmy Ibiza air, reclining underneath the twinkling stars…


Who Says Corporate Can’t Be Luxe?

Who Says Corporate Can’t Be Luxe?

Earlier on in the 2017 season, Cardamom Events were asked to organise a corporate incentive trip for a group of 90 investment bankers. Of course, we grabbed this opportunity gladly, as there is nothing we enjoy more than showing off what the magical White Isle has to offer.

There is so much to see and do, so it would be easy to attempt to cram as much as possible into our guests’ event, giving them a plethora of activities and options.

However, as experience has often shown, less is more, and in our usual serenely unique style, we gave them a full day on the Mediterranean Sea on a luxury boat party with water sports and on-board catering, followed by a fabulous 3-course dinner of sharing plates  accompanied by champagne and cocktails, and a disco at the stunning Lamuella in their open air dining and dancing area.

All planning, organisation, transportation, logistics and entertainment were taken care of by Cardamom Events.

Photography by Orphée Creative Photography

Boat 5 Star Catamaran

Boat DJ – Juan Corbi

Party DJs – Tom Grimes & George Blackbeard

Venue & Food, Champagne & Cocktails – Lamuella


Cardamom’s First Events of Summer 2017

Cardamom’s First Events of Summer 2017

It’s only May and we already have two major events under our belt. Two extraordinary birthday celebrations delivered with love.

For Lillijana’s birthday we were asked to provide an intimate, jovial and musical environment at the client’s family home. We were able to create a rustic vibe which was carried through from the furniture (our new bespoke-made wooden tables), to countryside flowers and a relaxed service to cater for all the wonderful surprises on the day.

The food too was an informal affair – big family-sized sharing platters with a vegetarian bias provided by Chef Alessandra.

A wonderful family celebration with friends from far and wide, and musical performances from start to finish.

For Pip’s birthday bash, we created a unique and intimate celebration with a luxury dining experience.

The venue, Villa Marysol, is modern yet relaxed with sea views and a high-level interior.

Again we brought our unbeatable attention to detail, down to the opulent table settings of handmade crockery, cutlery and glassware made in Portugal, which gave an edge of sophistication to the day…


Teams include:

Chef Juanpi Leonardi

BackRoom Productions

Ibiza House Orchestra

DJ Buddah

Kids In Ibiza


A Day In The Life…

So what really goes on when the island’s most elite event planners throw an event in their own home? Step inside and take a peek…

Wedding and corporate event planning comes naturally to Navine and Craig, directors of Cardamom Events. So one spring afternoon, they invited a group of personal friends to enjoy and alfresco lunch by the pool of their exquisite Ibiza villa and made it look both relaxed and luxurious in an effortless manner.

One of the Cardamom team’s in-house chefs Ally Beatty prepared a delectable menu of fresh seasonal plates. Highlights included his whole cauliflower shwarma with pomegranate, coriander and pine nuts, his heavenly slow-roasted vegetable antipasti and his bite-sized edamame sliders. The wine flowed and the sun shone. A perfect primavera day…