Cardamom Events Ibiza are always happy to champion a brand new quality product. And ACE + FREAK is exactly that!

The Team at ACE + Freak have put all of their award winning drink making experience from the bar into a can as they believe that good drinks belong everywhere!

ACE+FREAK are bar quality cocktails lovingly designed with unique flavour combinations blended with premium spirits, wines and fresh juices.

The idea is that you can crack open a cold can anytime, anywhere, and be treated to a cocktail of the highest order.

The delicious ACE+FREAK flavours that are currently available on the island are Mint and Elderflower Spritz, Ginger and Lemongrass Mule and Orange and Cranberry Americano – all utterly refreshing on a hot summer’s day and all completely natural!

Cardamom Events can see these drinks being served at after hour event receptions, when the bar is already closed, or even on transport from one event venue to another!

Why not give them a try at your event?

More info available HERE on the ACE+FREAK website.