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Ibiza gets spooky!

This is the time of year everyone in Ibiza starts to think about one thing – Halloween! Many adults in Ibiza see this day as the grande finale party of the year and it has not failed to deliver some incredible events in previous years! People of the island and many visitors go all out in fancy dress to have a real spooky session.

This year, we have a few changes to the usual line ups, here’s what the island has to offer on Monday 31st October:

Sankeys – Halloween (season closing party)
Pacha – Bambuddhas Halloween party
Pikes – The brothers grim
Heart – Halloween closing party
Hostel Salinas – after hours party

Of course, if you are on holiday in Ibiza, or fancy staying in – we can create a private halloween party for you including food and drinks, or provide a private chef for smaller groups. Contact now, or visit

Wherever you decide to go – be sure to have an amazing night!


Make your own version of our famous Cardamom Cava Sangria

Make your own version of our famous Cardamom Cava Sangria

So it’s a UK bank holiday today, and that means one thing – Family & friends having BBQ’s (no matter the weather)! In honour of it being the peak of summer – we thought we’d share a special secret with you today!

Cardamom have created a few food and drink items over the years which guests always ask us how to make at home. One of these is the enjoyment of our Cardamom Cava Sangria recipe. Ideal for a hot afternoon – refreshing, fruity, ice cold and with the perfect amount of alcohol to relax you into any event, this drink choice is very popular in Ibiza, especially as an event welcome drink. To try our recipe at home, simply follow the following steps:

Prep time: Part day before (15 mins max), 30 mins on the day

Glass jug x2 (or x1 item similar to hold fruit in fridge overnight)
Chopping board
Fridge space
Wine glasses for serving

1 apple
1 pear
1 peach
A handful of strawberries
Sugar syrup
Ice (lots!)
30cl Vodka
20cl Dark Rum
25cl Cointreau
Cold fresh orange juice (no bits!)
A cold bottle of Cava (or two!)

How to:

1. Cut up the apple, pear, peach, strawberries, place into jug (or similar) & cover in sugar syrup. Leave overnight to soak in the fridge.

2. Use fresh jug and fill ½ way with ice.

3. Add vodka, rum, cointreau, fruit.

4. Add orange juice until jug ½ full.

5. Add cold cava until full & stir.

6. Refrigerate for 15 minutes before serving. Enjoy!

Now – we tend to make our cava in mass production, meaning the recipe quantities are just a guide. If you feel you want more alcohol, more fruit or to add your own twist – play around with it until it is your very own recipe! Plus one extra top tip for even more enjoyment; put your glasses in the freezer 1 hour before serving, then remove and pour into chilled, frosted glasses!

Contact us today to order our very own cava sangria at your Ibiza event Special thanks to Fernando our Matre Di, for sharing this top secret recipe! 😉

Image by Gypsy Westwood photography.


Essential Ibiza





Essential Ibiza

Today our Villa Party is featured on Essential Ibiza:

Contact us at or for more information.


Trunk it guru

Ever arrived in Ibiza and had a long wait until you can check into your villa or hotel? Leaving the island and have to wait for your flight. It’s usually quite frustrating to have all your luggage in tow all day right? The guys at trunk it provide an easy and safe storage service for travellers who require luggage storage, meaning you can enjoy every second of Ibiza!

All you need to do is contact Trunk It; tell them the location, time and number of bags – then they will turn up for collection! They offer to pick-up luggage anywhere on the island and drop them off for only €20 per bag (minimum of 4 suitcases) as well as other services.

For more information please contact Trunk It guru or contact Cardamom and enjoy your bag free freedom!


Ibiza soul – perfect for party feet!

Ibiza soul – perfect for party feet!

Ibiza soul have truly created the essence of ibiza via their creative footwear brand. Super comfortable to wear with designs reflective of Ibiza’s style and culture, these are not only a stylish addition to any wardrobe, but also a fantastic gift for any event you host in Ibiza – especially to wear home after dancing the night away. The 2016 range is a special one, designed by Scott Gray of Chapter Ibiza. Check out the images and get in touch with Cardamom to order yours for your event.



Easter Ibiza style

Easter Ibiza style

Despite being what many would associate as the worlds most famous disco island, religion is still alive and well in Ibiza. Living proof of this was seen this weekend, when the streets of Ibiza Town and Santa Eulalia filled with the devout and the curious as a series of religious processions took place.

It’s a time when the ‘cofradias’ of the island – brotherhoods entrusted by the church with the care of their religious statues – parade solemnly through the streets in an age old tradition that has remained virtually unchanged for centuries.

They’re accompanied by marching bands, church officials, various different groups – women wearing the traditional black lace veil, the mantilla over a high comb, the peineta, and whole phalanxes of Roman Soldiers. Bearing the heavy weight of the statues on large floats, they march mimicking the gait of Christ in shackles on the way to the cross.

Each cofradia wears a unique uniform of different coloured robes and many have a tall cone shaped hood – a capirote – to hide the suffering on their faces and to signify their penance and a yearning to be closer to heaven. The music in minor keys, their shuffling gait and their almost sinister appearance almost transports one back to Spain’s darker past. It’s really quite an experience to see!

In Ibiza town, where a new cofradia has just been inaugurated by the church authorities, the procession took place on Good Friday evening, where the old cobbled streets of Dalt Vila are the perfect setting for such an ancient tradition.

Check out the Ibiza travel website for full gallery & information on Ibiza fiestas.


Paloma’s “Faithettes” in Ibiza

Paloma’s “Faithettes” in Ibiza


Paloma Faiths live band, the “Faithettes” are one of the world’s top live bands – and this summer you can book them in Ibiza via Cardamom! They have toured the world for over 5 years, played Glastonbury, Montreux Jazz Festival, New Orleans Jazz Festival, and sell-out arena shows! They are the must-have party band & present a killer show of soul & pop covers with the tightness and vibe of an A-list festival headliner. Contact us today for a quote for your event!




When a client doesn’t book you, but gives you wonderful feedback…




When a client doesn’t book you, but gives you wonderful feedback…

For clients wanting to get married in Ibiza, we know it’s important to feel confident in a wedding planner’s ability to create exactly what you dream of (especially as most of our client relationships are from different locations across the globe). As such, we want to share some feedback from some clients who did not actually book their wedding with us (due to family circumstances they booked a different geographical location – you win some, you lose some!), but gave some great feedback on the enquiry process and their impression of us – which is an area we take great pride in.

You (Cardamom) put on some of the most unique and thoughtful events with the utmost consideration for your needs.  You have been understanding about our changing needs throughout and are always so timely with your responses.  If I was to describe Cardamom to a friend, I would tell them to use your company. You can put together any event and pull together all the strings that you never thought would be hanging, all in a one-stop-shop.

I really wish we could have worked with you guys, if only we had decided to hold our wedding on Ibiza.  I was looking back at your facebook posts and getting so sad that we couldn’t do a projection project for our wedding by that poolside.  You guys have the most unique and creative ideas about how to put together an out-of-the-box event that people will remember.  

Jennifer & Brian from San Francisco

Let us create something special in Ibiza for you

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