When a client doesn’t book you, but gives you wonderful feedback…

For clients wanting to get married in Ibiza, we know it’s important to feel confident in a wedding planner’s ability to create exactly what you dream of (especially as most of our client relationships are from different locations across the globe). As such, we want to share some feedback from some clients who did not actually book their wedding with us (due to family circumstances they booked a different geographical location – you win some, you lose some!), but gave some great feedback on the enquiry process and their impression of us – which is an area we take great pride in.

You (Cardamom) put on some of the most unique and thoughtful events with the utmost consideration for your needs.  You have been understanding about our changing needs throughout and are always so timely with your responses.  If I was to describe Cardamom to a friend, I would tell them to use your company. You can put together any event and pull together all the strings that you never thought would be hanging, all in a one-stop-shop.

I really wish we could have worked with you guys, if only we had decided to hold our wedding on Ibiza.  I was looking back at your facebook posts and getting so sad that we couldn’t do a projection project for our wedding by that poolside.  You guys have the most unique and creative ideas about how to put together an out-of-the-box event that people will remember.  

Jennifer & Brian from San Francisco

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