Winter is here

As late November arrives, Ibiza has a completely different vibe to the summer. Our roads & beaches are much more empty, most
restaurants are closed & many of the islands inhabitants have departed our shores to go & visit family, travel & simply rest from the summer chaos.  For those who remain, we nurture our island & a feeling of community arises – families & friends gather together on weekends in the few markets, restaurants & towns which remain open & make the most of the tranquil air – it really is a time where Ibiza’s beauty speaks for itself. Plus if you want to find a party, there is still a lot going on for those who want to look for it!

For team Cardamom, we use this time to get ourselves ahead for the coming summer & our offices in Siesta stay open across the year. Craig, Navine & JoJo hold strategy, finance, legal & marketing meetings to set next years objectives, plus spend time developing Cardamoms products & services to ensure we meet the ever changing demands of Ibiza’s clientele.  JoJo & Craig also meet new clients & develop ideas for their event services. Lais & Helene also stay in Ibiza & support the planning of the events to get ahead in the process before the coming summer.  So, please pop in & say hi if you’re ever here in the winter!