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Cardamom Events Feature – Cake Project Ibiza & Barcelona – Lauren de Vries


Cardamom Events Feature

Cake Project Ibiza & Barcelona- Lauren De Vries

Cardamom Events would like to introduce Lauren, a 25 year old pastry chef from Amsterdam.

After graduating from her bachelor in Marketing and Communication, she moved to London to do a patisserie course at Le Cordon Bleu.

Back in Amsterdam she started her first company: Life of Pie Amsterdam.

In a small conservatory on the canals the company and her love for baking grew. Developing her baking, assembling and decorating skills, more orders started to roll in.

Up to a point that Lauren could no longer handle it on her own. Together with a great team they worked around the clock to turn each and every cake into a masterpiece.

Now, three years later Lauren has started a new adventure. Flying back and forth between Barcelona (where she currently lives) and Ibiza (her favourite place on earth), she bake cakes for several events.

Not only does she do birthdays, she can make you a wicked wedding cake, babyshower cake or any other event you might possibly need a cake for (or any other sweet for that matter)!

Pick your flavour, pick your style and Lauren will do her absolute best to turn your wishes into a piece of edible art.

Let us know if you would like Lauren to style your special cake…


Cardamom Events Feature – Anna Wild, Hair & Beauty Artist & Jeremy Christopher, Photographer


Cardamom Events Feature

Anna Wild, Hair & Beauty Artist & Jeremy Christopher, Photographer
















The partnership of Anna Wild and Jeremy Christopher joined together through their mutual love of their creative worlds.

Anna originally hails from England’s north west and Jeremy from the rolling hills of Dorset, and their history with Ibiza spans over two decades.

They fell in love with the island in their teens and have been coming back ever since. They now base their life/work hubs between Ibiza and London’s East end.

Most of the year, the couple live in a gorgeous little finca in one of their favourite spots, in the countryside towards the north of the island and sometimes they live in London. They love to blend the hustle and bustle of the most creative city in the world with the serenity and magic of Ibiza.

When they’re not shooting and beautifying, Anna and Jeremy practise yoga, box and love to hike, exploring secret spots on the island – some of the most beautiful locations where they get a lot of our inspiration for shoots.

It was their love for fashion and beauty that influenced their desire to work with photography, hair and makeup. Many years of experience in those fields means they’re always up to date with current as well as classic trends, which most certainly influence their unique approach in the wedding and events industry, where they love to fuse these worlds together.

With over 10 years experience in their respective industries in London and beyond, the pair have worked with some of the world’s most highly respected brands, such as Qatar Airways, BBC, MAC Cosmetics, London Fashion Week, Sony.

Let us know if you wish to procure their services for your special event.


Mimi’s 3rd Birthday Party by Cardamom Events


Mimi’s 3rd Birthday Party by Cardamom Events


Mimi’s 3rd birthday has become quite the way to begin the year for the Cardamom Events family. This year was no different with the design brief being that it should be non-stressful for adults and maximum fun for kids! Believe it or not, kids’ parties in Ibiza can be quite challenging as they are usually big family affairs…

The event took place at Can Xarc, a Spanish family restaurant on the beach. The menu was vegetarian, fun and healthy.

The highlights for the kids were the bouncy castle, a game of pass the parcel, some eco-friendly party bags and, of course, the cutting of the Frozen cake!

The parents were able to relax too with tapas and wine, knowing that the children were in a safe and comfortable place.


All in all a successful afternoon!

Photo credits: Orphee Creative Photography


Cardamom Events Ideas – Marta Fofi Artist and Designer

Cardamom Events Ideas – Marta Fofi Artist and Designer

Here at Cardamom Events Ibiza, we are constantly looking for fresh and inventive ideas to make your special occasion more personal and unique.

We have recently come across the fantastic work of artist Marta Fofi who designs and creates these bold and colourful prints which she adapts as invitations, menus, cards and more!

Marta is an Italian artist and designer who lives in a farmhouse in Ibiza. Her love for the island and her connection to it is evident in her work. She describes her style as ‘Mediterranean Pop’ which we just adore!

For more information on Marta and to look at more of her magnificent work, check out her website!


A Day In The Life…

So what really goes on when the island’s most elite event planners throw an event in their own home? Step inside and take a peek…

Wedding and corporate event planning comes naturally to Navine and Craig, directors of Cardamom Events. So one spring afternoon, they invited a group of personal friends to enjoy and alfresco lunch by the pool of their exquisite Ibiza villa and made it look both relaxed and luxurious in an effortless manner.

One of the Cardamom team’s in-house chefs Ally Beatty prepared a delectable menu of fresh seasonal plates. Highlights included his whole cauliflower shwarma with pomegranate, coriander and pine nuts, his heavenly slow-roasted vegetable antipasti and his bite-sized edamame sliders. The wine flowed and the sun shone. A perfect primavera day…




Luvienz – An exquisite pairing of champagne and caviar

Luvienz – An exquisite pairing of champagne and caviar

Cardamom Events are pleased to announce that we are now working with Luvienz, a luxury champagne brand committed to excellence, just like us.

Luvienz redefines perfect pairing. The marriage of the most renowned French sparkling wine in the world, along with the elite qualities of Caviar.

Following years of meticulous research and a collaboration with sommeliers, enologists and cellar masters, Luvienz has developed a distinctive combination which perfectly blends the delicate taste of champagne with the divine refinement of Caviar.

The amount of Luvienz produced is limited to add to its exclusivity and they have designed a unique leather Treasure Chest in which to present 9 bottles of this nectar. Only 999 of these will be handmade in total, numbered and can be customised upon request.

This extraordinary product is something that Cardamom Events can relate to and we are sure our clientele will too.

Please contact us directly for more information and to have this truly exclusive brand at your event…


Ibiza by Air & Fata Morgana – on The X Factor!

Ibiza by Air & Fata Morgana – on The X Factor!

We always recommend that our client have videographers for their events. It’s impossible to be everywhere at your own wedding or party, so what better way to see all the bits you missed, than by enjoying it on a video afterwards. Ibiza by air have created a fantastic drone shooting business where they get some breathtaking views of event venues, and the island, to include in your footage. They are so good at what they do, that they even shot the drone parts of this years X Factor judges houses, at Fata Morgana – one of our very own event villas!

Check out the video footage from ibiza By Air here:

Fata Morgana is one of our preferred event villas due to the separate spaces – perfect to move your guests around throughout an event and also some of the islands most beautiful panoramic views. For enquiries regarding events at Fata Morgana, or for a video of your event, contact us today and we will happily organise everything you need. [email protected].


Cardamom recommends…

Cardamom recommends…

It’s September. For many people in Ibiza that means time to finally start to ease off the throttle of summer madness – plus the vacation crowd attracted to September often seek a slightly more luxurious and relaxing trip to the island. Why? Well, the weather gets slightly less scorching yet the days are still long and warm, the sea is now at perfect dipping temperature, and with slightly fewer tourists, the overall island energy (and traffic!) is much more pleasurable.

Our September recommendation therefore comes in the form of the 5 star Aguas de Ibiza Revival Spa. At 40€ to access for non hotel guests (which includes use of the pools and steam rooms), and with bolt on Clarins treatments and restaurant options such as a set three course lunch, there is arguably no better way to unwind in Ibiza. The Santa Eulalia spa was renovated last winter and now hosts some beautiful spaces to unwind and you leave feeling like you’ve received a true 5 star experience.

We visited the spa a couple of weeks ago and the experience was simply magical. Opting for the three course lunch which included a salad starter, chicken main and fruity desert we then entered the spa and did the rounds of the steam rooms and jet pool – to ease up our knotty shoulders until we received Clarins hot stone massages – which were incredible. The staff were polite, professional and calming – as was the entire experience (which came in at around 200€). Just what we needed!

Aguas is also a fantastic venue to host your Cardamom event (think rooftop birthday drinks with marina views, a wedding in a luxurious courtyard or hosting a dinner in one of the many fine dining restaurants at Aguas), plus the bedrooms and suites are divine (group bookings made through Cardamom receive a 10% discount). Go on, treat yourself! For more information, contact [email protected] today.



Make your own version of our famous Cardamom Cava Sangria

Make your own version of our famous Cardamom Cava Sangria

So it’s a UK bank holiday today, and that means one thing – Family & friends having BBQ’s (no matter the weather)! In honour of it being the peak of summer – we thought we’d share a special secret with you today!

Cardamom have created a few food and drink items over the years which guests always ask us how to make at home. One of these is the enjoyment of our Cardamom Cava Sangria recipe. Ideal for a hot afternoon – refreshing, fruity, ice cold and with the perfect amount of alcohol to relax you into any event, this drink choice is very popular in Ibiza, especially as an event welcome drink. To try our recipe at home, simply follow the following steps:

Prep time: Part day before (15 mins max), 30 mins on the day

Glass jug x2 (or x1 item similar to hold fruit in fridge overnight)
Chopping board
Fridge space
Wine glasses for serving

1 apple
1 pear
1 peach
A handful of strawberries
Sugar syrup
Ice (lots!)
30cl Vodka
20cl Dark Rum
25cl Cointreau
Cold fresh orange juice (no bits!)
A cold bottle of Cava (or two!)

How to:

1. Cut up the apple, pear, peach, strawberries, place into jug (or similar) & cover in sugar syrup. Leave overnight to soak in the fridge.

2. Use fresh jug and fill ½ way with ice.

3. Add vodka, rum, cointreau, fruit.

4. Add orange juice until jug ½ full.

5. Add cold cava until full & stir.

6. Refrigerate for 15 minutes before serving. Enjoy!

Now – we tend to make our cava in mass production, meaning the recipe quantities are just a guide. If you feel you want more alcohol, more fruit or to add your own twist – play around with it until it is your very own recipe! Plus one extra top tip for even more enjoyment; put your glasses in the freezer 1 hour before serving, then remove and pour into chilled, frosted glasses!

Contact us today to order our very own cava sangria at your Ibiza event [email protected]. Special thanks to Fernando our Matre Di, for sharing this top secret recipe! 😉

Image by Gypsy Westwood photography.


Cardamom Corporate

Cardamom Corporate

2016 has been a successful summer of progression for Cardamom so far. Whilst our weddings, private events and catering projects have remained fruitful and something we are incredibly passionate towards, we have also focused on delivering some key projects for our Corporate clients – which is becoming an increased area of focus for professional events happening in Ibiza. In line with this, Belgium born Dirk Aerts joined our team at the start of the summer. Combining his wealth of experience in luxury group travel, business incentive projects and corporate hospitality, Dirk also has an impressive list of incredible corporate event suppliers and specialists on the island – making him the perfect addition to our team.

So far, June and July delivered some interesting corporate projects including an employee incentive project for an international catering business which saw 160 employees travel to Ibiza for three days of incentives at the Palacio de Congresso (Ibiza’s conference hall). This included a cooking show, catering and all transport managed by Cardamom. Following this we partnered with our friends Amplified and Kit & Caboodle to work on an energy drink prize winners event with 30 guests across two weeks, where we delivered a full schedule of on site catering which saw our chef Juan Pi flip Burgers with Ibiza DJ legend Carl Cox! We also supported a luxury boat event for press surrounding this project with our catering as well.

October will see the next corporate project for us, which is an employee incentive project for international travel company. 120 guests will enjoy a fantastic agenda of beach games plus a high end gala ginner – all by team Cardamom.

Our Corporate services include:
Planning of a range of event contents and schedules
Venue sourcing
Equipment hire
Food and beverages (breakfasts, coffee breaks, lunches, dinners plus a full drinks menu – at any venue from 10-500 guests)

For more information on Cardamom’s Corporate services, please contact us today [email protected].

Important Covid 19 Updateread more dismiss

Covid 19 has caused the postponement of many events, which is an event of Force Majeure. This is very frustrating for all but we will work with all of our clients to rearrange events. We will honour our contracts for all events and will apply any deposits paid against a rearranged date. Should clients cancel their events then unfortunately deposits will be forfeit in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.