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Date Night by Craig

Cardamom Date Night – A Blog by Craig

So the for the first time in a long time and between extensive events, the Mrs & I managed to fit in a date night at the gorgeous La llama restaurant in the W Hotel at the invite of the lovely Joshua from the Marriott, Blue & W Group and it was super special.

We started with a pumpkin carpaccio marinated with lemon, homemade mustard, pumpkin seed and baby coriander and Toro tuna tataki with salsa verde and ponzo, followed by succulent Miso and Sake marinated black cod with home made pickled ginger and a sides of truffled potato purée and sautéed Bimi broccoli with fresh lemon and garlic. To die for! If that wasn’t enough, it would have been rude not to try a dessert and we settled on Vanilla profiteroles all washed down with a beautiful French Minuty rosé.

Could be in the running for our new favourite restaurant but in competition with Chiringuito Blue of course!


Ginevra & Federico

Ginevra & Federico 3.7.21 – Puig de Missa & Atzaro Organic Gardens

First wedding after the pandemic in Atzaro’s new organic farm with romantic, rustic countryside theme

185 Guests
Venues: Puig de Missa Church & Atzaro Organic Gardens
Wedding Planning & Styling – Cardamom Events Ibiza
Entertainment – PianoBar & DJ Juan Corbi
Florist – Ramo de Flores
Hair & Make up – Jo Mackay at Jamface
Photography – Natasha Marshall
Videography – Tanit Films
Lighting – Ibiza Pro Dj
Cake – Cup Cake Collection
Transport – Island Bus

Will You Marry Me? Luxury Photoshoot Part 3

Will You Marry Me – Part 3?

A luxury photoshoot capturing the essence of contemporary Ibiza weddings…

Behind the scenes with an amazing team…

• Photography – Masha Kart Photography
• Stationery & Styling – Event Stylist Ibiza
• MUAH – Fanny Co Hair & Makeup
• Flowers – Ramo de Flores at Flowers Ibiza
• Restaurant – Maison Le Vrai
• Wedding Dresses – Virginia Vald Atelier
• Jewels – Fina Bou


Will You Marry Me? Luxury Photoshoot Part 2

Will You Marry Me – Part 2?

A luxury photoshoot at the wonderful Babylon Beach capturing the essence of contemporary Ibiza weddings…

Behind the scenes with an amazing team…

• Photography – Masha Kart Photography
• Stationery & Styling – Event Stylist Ibiza
• MUAH – Fanny Co Hair & Makeup
• Flowers – Ramo de Flores at Flowers Ibiza
• Wedding Dresses – Virginia Vald Atelier
• Jewels – Fina Bou

• Engagement Ring – Joyeria Pomar
• Bride shoes – C Doux Menorca


Will You Marry Me? Luxury Photoshoot Part 1

Will You Marry Me?


A luxury photoshoot capturing the essence of contemporary Ibiza weddings…

Behind the scenes with an amazing team…

• Photography – Masha Kart Photography
• Stationery & Styling – Event Stylist Ibiza
• MUAH – Fanny Co Hair & Makeup
• Flowers – Ramo de Flores at Flowers Ibiza
• Restaurant – Maison Le Vrai
• Wedding Dresses – Virginia Vald Atelier
• Jewels – Fina Bou

• Engagement Ring – Joyeria Pomar
• Bride shoes – C Doux Menorca


Ryan Koriya – Bespoke Song Creation & Performance

The Ultimate Gift – A Song Written & Performed Just For You…

Ryan Koriya is a classically trained musician, singer-songwriter and music producer who has performed his music on four continents in about 20 countries around the world.

Armed usually with his acoustic guitar, foot percussion and a velvety voice that melts the hearts of all ages, Ryan performs his quirky one-mancoustic show and enjoys bringing people together.

Ryan is an international artist usually performing in an average of a dozen countries a year, spanning 4 continents. In 2018 Ryan moved to Ibiza to start a record label to self publish his own music. His solo, multifaceted live show includes playing drums and percussion with his feet along with the usual guitar and vocals. Spectacular stuff!

As well as offering his brilliant performances for our luxury events, Ryan has now developed a brand new concept – custom written songs, performed and recorded for you. Ryan will work with you to create an immortal piece of music that fits the occasion perfectly!



A special song that will be yours to treasure forever. The song style and genre can be tailored to your own tastes too…

  • Maybe you’d like a sultry acoustic number at the ceremony and bring on the teary sass?
  • How about an electronic club banger to shimmy to on the dancefloor?
  • Some Reggae never went amiss for the right Mr and Mrs, or Mr and Mr, or Mrs and Mrs.
  • Perhaps you are into the idea of something cinematic to put ol’ Braveheart to shame?

If possible, Ryan could also be available to perform live at your wedding or even beam in a live streamed performance of your special bespoke song on the day.

You can find out more about Ryan and his services right HERE on his website


Cardamom Kitchens – Behind The Scenes

Behind The Scenes At Cardamom Kitchens

During lockdown, Navine and Craig decided it was time to go back to their roots and get back into the kitchen. As most of you will already know, Cardamom Events was born 20 years ago as a side project from The Cardamom Club, their legendary Indian restaurant and catering service in Santa Eulalia Ibiza. With the demand for delicious takeaways to eat at home during the pandemic steadily rising, it was the perfect opportunity for Craig (Cobra Award winning chef with 30 years of experience) to don his chef’s hat again and get back in to the licensed catering kitchens at Cardamom HQ. Cardamom Kitchens was born…

Joining forces in the kitchen is the wonderful Freja Ostrom. Freja used to live in the Cardamom Club 20 years ago, making her part of the original Cardamom family. She is now a chef in her own right working for several years on health retreats, yoga camps and private cheffing for high level clients from around the globe. Here is a photo from when she used to live with us from around 2007 and also in the kitchen in current times with Craig…

It’s been a labour of love, designing menus that represent traditional Indian food from different parts of India, ready to be picked up from Cardamom HQ every Friday. The team have worked hard to ensure that produce is local and sustainable, and also pioneers the modern and healthy direction that food is taking on the island. We have also been really pleased to team up with the brilliant Tess Prince of Love Food Ibiza fame. She has been styling and photographing our food, whilst providing us with some of her inspired island lemon chutney to add to orders.

This reinvention through Covid times has been a natural progression, with the very home of Cardamom coming from food and beverages for events back in the day.

The positives of this are that it has reconnected the team with Cardamom Club restaurant clientele, as well as wedding and event clients from the past. It has also allowed us to discover and develop relationships with our new Cardamom friends who are trying our food service for the first time, making tired parents happy and making lockdown dinner parties more interesting for the island folk from all nationalities.

If you want to be included on the Cardamom Kitchens WhatsApp menu list, just message Craig on +34 636 56 22 11


Bringing You A Taste Of Indonesian Goodness – TEMPEH


Today we wanted to share a little bit of information on our new homemade Tempeh from the lovely girls at the Temperanza Lab in Cardamom Kitchens.

Tempeh is a nutrient-dense soy product with a high amount of protein, as well as various vitamins and minerals. It may decrease cholesterol levels, oxidative stress and appetite, whilst improving bone health. Tempeh also contains prebiotics, which may improve digestive health and reduce inflammation.
It is a traditional Indonesian food made from soybeans that have been fermented, or broken down by microorganisms.
Tempeh has a dry and firm but chewy texture and a slightly nutty taste. It can be steamed, sautéed or baked and is often marinated to add more flavour. Much like other meatless sources of protein, such as tofu and seitan, tempeh is a popular choice among vegans and vegetarians because it’s packed with protein, vitamins and minerals and low in sodium and carbs and it goes deliciously with Cardamom’s Indian sauces!
We think it goes well with Saag, Makan Palak and Dhaliwala due to its nutty flavour.
Why not try it next time with your Cardamom Kitchens Friday order?

Going Back To Our Indian Cooking Roots



It was 20 years ago that Navine and Craig first stepped foot on to the magical isle of Ibiza. Fresh from London, both with fashion and design backgrounds, Craig had found a new passion for Indian cuisine and had just won Best Newcomer for Asian Culinary Arts at the Cobra Awards.

With a ton of enthusiasm and a twinkle in their eyes, Navine and Craig set up the hugely successful and now legendary Cardamom Club – an Indian restaurant in a gorgeous finca serving authentic Indian delights.

Over the years, the business expanded, with people from far and wide requesting Craig’s delicious food at their events. From this followed the inception of Cardamom Events – born from Navine’s creative flair.

Along with the food came decor and production. The team grew and eventually they were just too busy to continue with the restaurant.



Cut to 2020 and Cardamom Events were leading the pack when it comes to high-end luxury weddings and events on the island. It should have been Cardamom’s biggest year to date!

But with the advent of COVID and the island locking down, Craig and Navine needed to have a big rethink.

And so Cardamom Kitchens was born. Friends from around the globe with private villas and boats were still arriving on the island and requesting Craig’s once famous Indian food. Demand grew and now, Craig’s cooking is available to all islanders every Friday.

Freshly cooked at the Cardamom catering facilities in Santa Eulalia, dishes such as Vegetable Kofte Dhansak or Goan Prawn Curry can be ordered to pick up, with Tandoori Chicken and Punjabi Rotis and Onion Bhajis handmade with love.

If you would like try Craig’s cooking, please send your email address and telephone number to and we will add you to our exclusive Cardamom Kitchens list.


Connor’s Birthday Celebrations Continued…

A Special 16th Birthday Celebration At Home

In our previous blog, we shared the experience of a wonderful day at CbbC Marina Santa Eulalia celebrating Connor’s 16th birthday with his Godparents.

However, the festivities didn’t stop there! We also threw him an intimate gathering at home with an alfresco lunch by the pool. Ibiza weather did not disappoint!

Due to restrictions, we kept numbers to 10 guests which was just perfect!

We dined on all of Connor’s favourite foods – Bao buns by the lovely Camalic Food Truck guys, Sushi, Connor’s godfathers made a few treats to add to the food of love, Garden fig & goats cheese tartlets! Daddy made of course his Cardamom Club specials, Andra Chicken, Samosas & Mummy´s Bhajis.

Connor put together the music with some awesome 60s, 70s and 80s playlists.

It really was the perfect day, and proof that regulations need not get in the way of a celebration!

It was so easy to organise a special treat in the comfort of our home, with all the wonderful Ibiza family that have been a big part of Connors life!


Family Time and a special birthday treat for our son Connor

Birthday Treats at CBBC Marina Santa Eulalia

It’s been a very different year at Cardamom HQ, but we have embraced the quieter summer by having lots of quality family time and by discovering and hanging out at some of the wonderful spots that Ibiza has to offer. We don’t usually get the chance!

This year, our baby boy Connor turned 16. How did that happen?! As per every year, Connor’s Godparents came over from the UK (before quarantine regulations came in!), and spoiled him rotten. This year we went to the wonderful CBBC Marina Santa Eulalia.

We dined on delicious seafood paella, ceviche, local vegetables simply roasted, all washed down with a divine bottle (or two!) of Pagos de los Capellanes Tinto Reserva. Exquisite!

The day was spent eating, boating and partaking in water sports.

Although business has been a bit slower this year for the team at CBBC, they are coping really well with the new restrictions. It felt incredibly safe with social distancing and masks.

Enjoying the restaurants, cafes, white sandy beaches and glorious Ibiza weather has been a once in a lifetime opportunity for us and we have lapped it up!

We know the hard work will start again in the near future, so we are taking a moment to appreciate the beauty of this magical island we call home.

Our batteries will be fully charged and we are so excited to get back to work soon!

But in the meantime we got to enjoy a perfect day with amazing company, views, wine and food.




Throw an Amazing Party!

Seven Tips to a Successful Private Villa Party Ibiza

Many people start planning holidays from the beginning of the year; however, things have gone differently this year. A return to what surprises 2020 has made for the world is a hot topic because of COVID-19. It has directly affected our lives in many ways, so many of us may even wonder whether it is worth going in for a holiday, having parties or gatherings.

It took a long time, so there should be a solution to see your beloved ones and have a good time. However, taking into consideration your safety and health is as well very fundamental. So, in such a situation having a private villa party is your best choice. So, how to arrange such a successful private villa party in Ibiza that will be both great and safe?

Here are some tips that will help you:

1.     Find the Best Villa Rental based on your Needs

Location is the number one issue for a successful party, so if you manage to find a great place, then you will solve part of your party success. In any difficult situation, Ibiza Villas have a great solution for you.

2.     Organize your Activities based on Everyone’s Interests

There are many fun things to do during villa parties. Cardamom Events pride themselves on being able to make just about anything possible for their clients on any scale, be it music, dancing, food, drinks and games. All within the regulations. So, planning them beforehand based on your guests’ likes and dislikes will make your day more organised. Not forgetting social distance!

3.     Provide all the Needed Supplies

Having all the needed supplies in your villa rental is essential, especially in this pandemic situation. It will help to keep your guests and yourself safer and more confident. Cardamom Events work with the island’s best suppliers and can organise this all hassle free for you.

4.     Ensure that All the Precautions are Followed

We are keeping on top of all the new guidelines and restrictions, however if you correctly follow all the precautions you will manage to have a successful party. Having a nice time is really great, but you should think about the possible consequences as well.

5.     Set up Seating and Tables Properly

Know your guests and make sure they share the same interests. This is an important part of a party, as if your guests are happy, they will make your day.

6.     Do not Forget About Good Music

Regardless of what type of party you have, you need to be attentive with music choice. Good music has the power to make the day and create an excellent mood. Cardamom Events are able to organise DJs, live music, acoustic, big bands – you name it!

7.     Enjoy every Minute

Last but not least, organising a party is really a hard task, especially now when there are many instructions to follow. That’s what we and Cardamom Events are here for! However, if you work together with us to make sure everything is taken care of beforehand, you will be able to relax. So, if you choose the right villa rental, and let us and Cardamom do the rest, you need not worry about the details.

Though a villa rental is a perfect holiday hotspot these days as well, following all the instructions by WHO for protecting yourself and others are essential. Unlike other solutions, villa parties are safer these days to get together with friends or family members. By making the right choice you will be able to enjoy your get-togethers without thinking about the food and drinks. It is the perfect solution to safe contained fun during these unprecedented times


Important Covid 19 Updateread more dismiss

Covid 19 has caused the postponement of many events, which is an event of Force Majeure. This is very frustrating for all but we will work with all of our clients to rearrange events. We will honour our contracts for all events and will apply any deposits paid against a rearranged date. Should clients cancel their events then unfortunately deposits will be forfeit in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.