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The W Hotel Ibiza

Words From The Boss

Craig Colligan, Founder and Director of Cardamom Events Ibiza, takes some time out to tell us about his recent visit to the W Hotel.

In these challenging times, Cardamom Events Ibiza have spent 6 months with our heads down and have finally managed to find new dates for all our event clients in 2021 and 2022.

In order to celebrate and take a weekend off, I took my family to W Hotel to holiday and relax and what a fantastic weekend it was! I cannot fault the hotel as the staff, amenities, service, food and beverages were second to none, and my children and wife did not want to leave. It also gave me an insight into the service that our clients would receive from our group bookings there and now I have experienced it, I have 100% confidence in the W Brand and associated services.

In the same week, we were invited to a tour of the hotel including the as yet unseen Glow Roof Terrace, Away Spa, a selection of their suites and the very impressive EWOW Suite. The EWOW Suite (not to be confused with the WOW Suite which is a floor below) is a self contained event friendly apartment with 3 terraces, including a spectacular roof terrace complete with DJ and fully serviced cocktail bar – perfect for groups or cocktail parties for up to 100 guests all with the fabulous sea views across the coast line of Santa Eulalia.

The hotel is modern, Bohemian, fun and lively, but still perfect for families with children also, and the W Team welcome locals and tourists alike. With daily changing DJs, the cosmopolitan atmosphere is constantly up beat as well as relaxing and welcoming – all that hospitality should be.

Well done W, keep up the fantastic work!


Cardamom Events Lockdown Life

Life In Lockdown – What Has It Been Like For Cardamom Events in Ibiza?

As life in Ibiza came to a sudden halt in march due to COVID19, the island community and its unique cluster of independent businesses were left in turmoil.

What was going to happen to the summer season and all their plans?

Almost immediately for Cardamom Events, the phone started ringing and emails began to fill the inboxes. 2020 was meant to be their biggest year of events to date, with plans for multiple corporate shows, weddings, birthdays – the list goes on!

But with the island on lockdown, most clients, unsurprisingly, wished to cancel or postpone their events.

Craig Colligan, Founder and Director of Cardamom Events Ibiza, had a big job on his hands. Pacifying clients and dejected couples became his daily routine, and following hours of phone calls to clients, suppliers and venues, all events were successfully rescheduled, leaving valued customers breathing collective sighs of relief. A calm nature and personal touch is Craig’s trademark and something Cardamom is well-known for. And never had it been needed more…

But what was it like at the coalface? What was life like working in the Ibiza hills with a wife and 2 kids of 15 and 5 confined to the house? We asked him about his experience…

What has lockdown in Ibiza been like for you and your family?
To be honest, it was the first time in years that we all have spent so much time together and I really enjoyed not being in the office everyday and the weather was getting close to summer levels and all was good. Then after 3 months of working from home with “Peppa Pig” and “My Little Pony” on loop, having to come up with new and exciting family menus and with my wife starting to complain that my breathing was too loud, I knew it was time to go back to work!
What has it been like for the business?
At first it was a period of panic as the clients emails and calls poured in with queries of the future. Then after calming their fears by deciding to help them all get through the chaos of changing dates, weighing up the pros and cons of postponements whist continuing to try and forward their planning, all free of charge with no extra expenses for the past 4 months, things are starting to calm down and get back to a kind of normality with clients happy and new events finally starting to come through for the future.
What does a normal day look like for you now in July?
Put it this way, I will get a tan for the first time in a decade! We are still working but at a slower rate with windows for swimming, Formentera and Joe Wickes workouts.
What did it used to look like?
We would normally be recovering from 2 months of back-to-back weddings before going into big birthday season and the occasional corporate events in July & August
What do you miss the most?
Not seeing my accountant and bank manager so much. Times are tough, but we are embracing the positives…
What are you enjoying the most?
Swimming with my wife and kids and making an effort to be healthier in these challenging days.
What are your hopes for the future?
For Ibiza to return to the open paradise enjoyed by all with Government incentives and lower costs of living as result of COVID19. Hopefully something good will come out of all this.
What will you take away from this unique summer on the island?
A suntan, new recipes and the knowledge that there is a limit to how much time you can spend with your loved ones!!!
If you need any help planning an Ibiza or Formentera event, then at Cardamom Events, it’s business as usual!

Ibiza Bride Beauty & Hair


Every year, at Cardamom Events Ibiza, we look forward to seeing all of the new wedding trends! From the newest style of dress, to the latest wedding cake designs. Each year there’s a new flavour and feel to on-trend nuptials; but there is one style that will never ever go off trend in Ibiza – Boho Chic!

Boho and Ibiza go hand in hand. Bohemian style encapsulates the island’s hippie roots and hedonistic spirit and the ethereal beauty of its landscape. 

We caught up with one of our Ibiza Hair and Makeup artists, Katy Gill, to find out her tips for Boho Bridal hair and make up for your Ibiza Wedding. Ibiza resident Katy is a Bridal specialist and these are her favourite hairstyles for the ultimate Boho Ibiza Bride:

Sometimes less is more, and the stunning simplicity of tousled ‘messy’ waves in a middle parting finished with a flower crown is the epitome of Boho Bridal hair. An alternative accessory that also finishes this look perfectly is a head chain down the parting, either beaded or metallic with some sort of drop adornment in the middle of the forehead gives that real seasoned traveler vibe… a nod to the Indian Bridal style giving that feeling of bohemian, carefree wanderlust that the hippies brought to the island after following the trail back from India all those years ago. For something that looks so natural and carefree, it is also incredibly chic and elegant; just perfect for an Ibiza Bride. 


To achieve the same tousled tresses and vibe whilst looking a bit more formal, braiding the top half of the hair is ideal. Braids are so boho! Especially in a crown on the top of the head. This creates a half up do with those same stunning waves left cascading, just with a slightly more polished finish. And with the hair completely off the face leaves you that little bit cooler in the gorgeous Ibiza sunshine. 


So elegant, but different, and very boho! Build up volume or even weave a few extensions into it for the ultimate full bodied, romantic vibe. One of the benefits to a fishtail braid is that it keeps you cooler in the heat than having your hair fully down whilst still giving the illusion of wearing your hair down. You can also weave in a hair vine, or flowers throughout the braid; Boho Ibiza Bride perfection!


For the Bride that wants to keep cool in the Ibiza sun and show off her neck and decollage whilst still embodying that bohemian chic look, we love a tousled halo braid fully up do. Katy loves to create a long braid that wraps around the head like a halo. Angelic, practical, romantic and absolutely stunning.  

We recommend booking Katy for a Bridal hair trial. She will work to create your ideal bridal hair with both style and practicality in mind, so that you can achieve your perfect hairstyle to wear with confidence on your wedding day without a single hair out of place.

As we know, boho-chic is a style influenced by both hippie and bohemian ideals; which is why many Ibiza Brides are inspired by this style. It is so intrinsic to both the history and ethos of the magical white isle. To tie in with the free-flowing waves and whimsical wonderfulness of all those braids, Katy’s ethos is that Boho-chic Bridal make up needs to feel elegant and effortless, but fun and free. That said, you are still a bride, which means that feeling chic and polished are equally essential. 

Here’s Katy’s tips on how to marry all of these elements together for the ultimate in Boho Bridal make up when you marry your dearly beloved at your Ibiza Wedding. 


Bohemian beauty is ethereal, so an otherworldly glow is absolutely vital to achieve that nymph-in-nature feel and enhance your beauty to glow in the sunshine and stunning scenery surrounding you on the magical island on your special day. Katy  works with her Bride’s natural skin tone and colouring to pick the warmth of tone to highlight and shimmer to achieve a beautiful boho radiance. 

The very essence of boho is natural beauty. Your makeup needs to look as natural as possible, whilst enhancing your features and highlighting your unique beauty. Think ‘I woke up like this’ meets flawless and polished. A nude lip is a boho bridal makeup essential, in either mat or gloss, it gives a perfect finish whilst still looking natural. Think Kate Moss and Sienna Miller effortless chic… both island regulars, of course!

Whether you would prefer a ‘barely there’ shimmer on the eyes, and a highlighted pop or a full golden smokey eye… Boho Bridal Makeup is all about the gold lids. This ties in, not just the ethereal goddess feel, but is also a compliment to the hedonistic party vibe of the island. Perhaps you might even want to consider a touch of glitter for a festival vibe. Be sure to use biodegradable glitter for guilt free sparkle; particularly great for the afterparty!  

Katy says ‘wedding hair & makeup is where I find my niche, I love the buzz of wedding day, and for me as an artist what drives me, is the confidence I give women when they look in the mirror, they look and feel a million dollars, and to be able to create that on a bride’s wedding day is really special. I always feel so honoured to be my client’s chosen artist and spend months working with them before the wedding, with skin care plans, makeup trial appointments, and sharing all my beauty advice in the run up to day so they know they are getting the very best care putting themselves in my hands for their big day.

Book your Bridal hair and make up trial with Ibiza Hair and Make up Artist Katy Gill for your Ibiza Wedding. 


Bouncing Back To Plan Your Future Events

A New Dawn – How To Plan For Future Events

It’s been a strange time for everyone. Lockdown and travel restrictions have meant that a lot of people’s plans for events, weddings and celebrations have been sent into turmoil.

Here in Ibiza, the summer season should have been well underway, but of course, that was not meant to be this year.

So instead of dwelling on the past and wondering what could have been, here at Cardamom Events, we have been brainstorming and keeping ourselves very busy. We want to be able to provide you with solutions, hope and advice, so have come up with a collection of offerings which will simplify the process for you should you wish to start planning or re-planning your special occasions.

  • FREE change of dates for 2020 clients with no extra charges or penalties 
  • We are offering 2019 discounted prices for any bookings for late 2020 and all of 2021 for bookings made this year
  • Offering free advice on venue searches and budget planning for clients
  • Offering free design set-ups with floor plans for our Event clients for 2020/21
  • Free quotations on full events before booking Cardamom for weddings, as well as private and corporate events

Our director Craig Colligan has some great advice too for those of you worrying about future events:

  • Communicate with your wedding planner. Do not take the stress on your own, use the professionals to alleviate the burden and it will all feel much clearer and lighter. That is what we are here for!
  • Don’t read fake news! There  is a lot of misinformation out there of doom and gloom and the reality is quite different. Already Ibiza is opening up in the second stage of returning to normal business with the aim to be back on top by end of June, so very positive. All we need to know now is when the flights will start and then we can really get back into the swing of things.

Valuable words indeed!

So don’t hesitate to get in touch for any of your event queries! The experts are on hand to help and sooth you!

Cardamom Events can and will make your dreams come true…


Coping with Event Changes During the Coronavirus Crisis

Has Coronavirus Affected Your Wedding or Event? Cardamom Events are here to offer some advice on how to deal with this…

As Coronavirus isolation guidelines have come in to play worldwide and the crisis reaches its peak, a temporary ban has been applied to public gatherings and large events. This means that so many weddings and events have been affected and you could be one of those unlucky parties who are left wondering what to do.

Panic may be setting in and so many of you might be feeling crushed and devastated that the special occasion you have put your heart and soul in to planning may not be happening now.

Well help is at hand! Cardamom Events have years of experience in troubleshooting, and we pride ourselves in staying calm and offering honest and constructive advice during times of stress.

So with this in mind, we have put together this guide to help you through if your event has been affected…

Communicate – the first thing we cannot stress enough is to stay in touch! Rather than get yourself in to a state of anxiety, just pick up the phone, send an email or WhatsApp and talk to your planner. We are constantly in contact with our venues and suppliers and know what is going on by the minute. That’s what we are here for!


Postpone, don’t cancel – Moving your wedding or event to a different date means that you don’t lose any of your deposits or arrangements. We are working around the clock to make sure that all details can be reorganised so all is not lost! Postponing also means that your planner does not lose any of their valuable income, so not only will you be able to rest assured that your special day will be going ahead, you will also be supporting the businesses (often independent like us) who work so hard to make your dreams come true.


Be Flexible – Moving your wedding might mean that you can’t have it on a Saturday anymore or the season might be completely different. See this as an opportunity! A change in date could mean cheaper and more varied accommodation for your guests, or a change to the theme! It’s time to get creative!


Stay Calm – We are here for you! Every concern you have can be either answered or the answer can be easily found out for you. Be positive and try not to let your worries get you down! We are a team and can always work together to find solutions. Adding extra stress helps no one, especially at this time.


The take home message is to talk. Share your concerns and let us help you to look for the best way to deal with this upheaval.

Your planner is still fully dedicated to making your event everything you dream of and more! And we love it!




Here at Cardamom Events Ibiza, we take pride in showcasing the innovative ways in which you can entertain your guests on a special occasion here in Ibiza.

May we introduce Cinema Paradiso – The Ultimate Outdoor Cinema Experience!

Getting together with friends and family to watch a movie is such a treat, and even more so if you can do it with the Ibiza sky as a backdrop!

Private Cinema screenings are their forte. All you have to do is let us know what you want to watch and when, and we will work with the team to bring the experience to you!

The Private Cinema can be set up anywhere you like, be it poolside, on the lawn or even the roof terrace, provided there is an available power outlet.

They will provide comfy bean bags, blankets, side tables with dimmed lighting and even cinema style popcorn!

Imagine having a private showing for your guests the night after a big wedding reception, or for a team building session at a corporate event? Or how about to entertain kids or teens whilst the adults party in to the night?

What better way to bring people together, underneath a carpet of Ibiza stars? Cinema Paradiso have got it covered…


The Musical Mermaids



The Musical Mermaids

Enchant your guests with a unique trio of magical singing sirens…

Here at Cardamom Events, we are constantly in search of spectacular and unusual experiences to enhance your special occasions.

So you can imagine how thrilled we were when the Musical Mermaids came along with their wonderfully sublime offering – three beautiful sirenas right out of a fairytale, performing acoustic songs in costumes straight out of the sea.

In Greek mythology, mermaids were said to lure sailors with their enchanting music and singing voices. Similarly Musical Mermaids will create magical moments that will be etched into your memory forever with their spellbinding performance.
The Musical Mermaids are able to perform in an acoustic style or with a DJ/backing tracks. Solo, duo and trio options are available and a variety of musical tastes and vibes catered for.
Check out their mesmerising of rendition of Toxic right here…

The Musical Mermaids can be booked directly through Cardamom Events Ibiza.

You can follow them on Instagram right here!


18 Years of Cardamom Events!

As Cardamom Events Ibiza enters its 18th year of existence, we spoke to the founders and CEOs Craig and Navine about life as a luxury event planner on a tiny white island.

Having seen other event companies in Ibiza come and go, Craig and Navine have truly done the distance.

Starting out as a small Indian restaurant in the sleepy Ibizan Town of Santa Eulalia, they were constantly being asked to cater events around the island. Then along with the catering came requests for flowers, decor, wedding celebrants, venues. And so the transition into event planning began.

Cut to 2020 and Cardamom have carved a reputation for themselves as being the best in the business. The absolute go-to for mid to high-level events, they are recognised globally due to their sheer professionalism and their huge network of the best suppliers and contacts Ibiza has to offer.

We asked what it is that makes Cardamom Events stand head and shoulders above the rest.

“I think it’s the way we interact with our clients that gives us the most positive of feedback. We are well-known for being polite, efficient, easy to communicate with, speedy in our responses and highly professional. We absolutely take pride in this reputation!”

So what does 2020 have in store? Well apparently Cardamom can look forward to the largest volume of events and the biggest weddings in Cardamom history this year. “Exciting and adventurous” was how Craig described his clients!

The people Cardamom are working with this year hail from all over the globe – LA, New York City, Miami and Dubai, to name but a few! Craig says “It’s always a challenge working with clients from different cultural backgrounds as you have to understand their varied takes on entertainment, food and celebrating in general.”

Saying that, Cardamom love a challenge. And this willingness to fulfil all outrageous requests has led to spectacular events complete with production sets and fairground rides! Indeed one of the highlights of last year was designing, creating and delivering a 5 day ‘Wild Things’ event for the Prince of Oman’s birthday which was beyond anyone’s wildest dreams (pun intended!)

So besides working alongside Black Coffee, The Gypsy Kings and delivering more weddings, corporate events and birthday parties (to quote Craig “2020 is the year of the 50th!”), Craig and Navine have another milestone to celebrate this year – their 20th Wedding Anniversary.

So how does a world-class event planner do that in style? We shall just have to wait and see…


Lindsay And Chris’s Spectacular Ibiza Wedding

A Stunning Cliff Top Ceremony and Stylish Outdoor Reception

“We both want to say thank you so much to the Cardamom Events Team for making our wedding day so amazing! You guys did such a good job and we are so happy you were our wedding planners!” Chris and Lindsay Blackhall

Back in June 2019, we were asked to design, create and deliver an unforgettable cliffside wedding ceremony, followed by an intimate villa reception for Chris and Lindsay.

Casa La Vista is located on top of some rugged cliffs with its own private beach. The guests were able to walk from the villa to the ceremony which was simple and accentuated by a beautiful floral arch from Flowers Ibiza.

Once all the guests had arrived, they were seated in the warm Ibiza sun before the exquisite bride walked the rustic aisle. The ceremony was conducted by officiator Melchior Arnold.

Following a poolside drinks reception at Casa La Vista with Nell Shakespeare providing some acoustic melodies, the guests were treated to a delicious feast from Crisp Catering.

After speeches and the cutting of a cake made of cheese, the party started and the group danced the night away under the stars to live music from The Topaz Movement and tunes from DJ Paul Reynolds.

“Cardamom Events are extremely organised. They covered so many bases and knew about many details that we didn’t consider or think about. They have huge amounts of experience in the industry and knew exactly what they were doing every step of the way. For sure we couldn’t have pulled this special day off without them!”

A Wild 4 Day Party Fit For A Prince

Four Days of Wild Partying for a VIP Birthday

Here at Cardamom Events Ibiza, we just love it when people come to us with crazy ideas for parties which we can help bring to life.

One such recent occasion was the birthday party of someone quite regal from the Middle East (that’s all we can say!)

His plan was to throw a Wild Things Party at Can Tigre – get the connection?

Of course, we were more than happy to oblige.

The event spanned a total of 4 days.

On Day 1, airport transfers for all VIP International guests were arranged. Cardamom also organised all the logistics & security throughout the celebrations.

The guests were then taken to their accommodation at luxury villas surrounding the main party house.

At each villa we had placed bespoke Welcome Bags for the guests inside which were details of the surprise itinerary, hangover kits and various treats fit for a prince!

Every day for the duration of the celebrations, we laid on a sumptuous breakfast at each of the villas.

On Day 2, we hosted a stunning welcome dinner at Sunset Ashram in Cala Conte with the sea and sunset as a backdrop.

Back at the villas, beauty services, as well as vitamin drips, were provided for tired guests which added a nice little extra touch.

The next day, the group took off on a fleet of motor boats for some good old fashioned sea fun followed by a Mediterranean feast at Es Moli de Sal in Formentera. They were then whisked back to the client’s villa for the main  birthday party event – a fittingly wild themed dinner by the pool and dancing into the night.

On the final day, we threw a hangover paella pool party to continue the celebrations before guests were individually transferred to the airport for return flights.

An elegant celebration oozing style, with just the right amount of Ibiza hedonism thrown in for good measure!


Event Management & Guest Concierge – Cardamom Events Ibiza
Catering – The Chef Ibiza
Cake – Cup Cake Collection Ibiza
Photography – Cristina Santos Fotografia
Flowers – Flowers IBIZA
Villa – Can Tigre
Graphics – InMedia Design


Thuy & Min’s Spectacular Ibiza Wedding

A Stunning beachside wedding at La Escollera in Es Cavallet

With the Mediterranean as a backdrop and the sand as the aisle, Thuy and Min got married at the gorgeous beach restaurant La Escollera earlier this year.

The rites were performed beside an elegant flower arch designed and created by Ramo De Flores.

After an emotional ceremony, the guests enjoyed canapés and drinks before sitting down to a glorious wedding feast. The kids were entertained by the brilliant Kids In Ibiza group, leaving the adults to relax and socialise.

Later on, beneath a carpet of skies in the balmy Ibiza air, the group danced the night away to DJ Juri Meniccuchi.

A truly unforgettable day…

Special thanks go to:

Photography – Ana Lui Studio

Beauty – Jo Jam Face

Design and Printing – InMedia

Photo Booth – Fotomaton


The Koibito Love Hangover Kit

Party All Night Knowing We Have The Cure!

So you’ve just completed a 3 day wedding party and the pain is real. You need assistance to fight through the haze and return to normality!

Well, here at Cardamom Events Ibiza, we have a solution to your problem…

The Koibito Love Hangover Survival Kit is a gorgeously presented essential, perfectly packaged to soothe those poorly heads!

Each element of the survival kit has been hand selected by Koibito Love for its healing properties and re-hydration characteristics. This box has been through a stringent testing period (that’s a lot of hangovers). Each item targets a different element of your hangover, whilst working in unison to provide a complete solution.

The survival kit contains everything you’ll ever need to tackle the morning after. Rehydrate with electrolyte salts and soothe that banging head with a cooling strip. A lavender essential oil roll-on will balance and bring peace (pop straight onto your pulse points) with anti-vom Nux-Vom tablet, Vit B complex for an energy boost, milk thistle to help your liver get back on track and 5HTP to bring you back to a happy place. You’ll be right as rain in no time… Bloody Mary anyone?

Just speak to us about providing these for your guests and we can make it happen and help those hangovers disappear…

Important Covid 19 Updateread more dismiss

Covid 19 has caused the postponement of many events, which is an event of Force Majeure. This is very frustrating for all but we will work with all of our clients to rearrange events. We will honour our contracts for all events and will apply any deposits paid against a rearranged date. Should clients cancel their events then unfortunately deposits will be forfeit in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.